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Managing Change

June 17, 2011

Managing Change

Did you every have one of those times in your life when everything was up in the air and it seemed that all was in chaos? We go through those periods from time to time, when we are in the midst of a job or career change, preparing for a move, waiting for test results or that acceptance letter, for example.

It is common that when these transitions occur we feel as if our whole sense of balance is flying right up there with all the unanswered questions; our inner sense of stability has been swept up into the melee. Periods of uncertainty and transition can be very unsettling.

Yet regardless of how many answers we await, life still places demands on us. We have schedules to keep, families to care for, professionals to whom we are accountable, projects for which we are responsible. How do we stay grounded? The more uncertainty we have about significant elements in our lives, the more challenging it is to remain centered.

One of my teachers once told me, “Keep your eye on the ball even when you can’t see the ball,” meaning, that when you seek a result, keep the end goal in mind no matter how blurry – or even invisible – its current apparition may be. See it, focus on it, and keep progressing toward it. This would hold true whether you are seeking one or multiple results simultaneously. It just might mean you have to keep your eye on more balls than one. Visualize, set your tasks and do everything you see to do.

The other component that has been very helpful for me is faith. While I focus on the end goal, I find that having faith in the process helps me to release my fear of what is still unknown. It helps to calm me and bring me down from the outer atmosphere with all that stuff that’s up in the air. There are so many outcomes we can’t predict or control, but faith will help to steady us in times of change.

I read recently in a prayer book with regards to dealing with goals, transition and uncertainty, and I am paraphrasing:

                  Act as if everything depends on you.                                                                                                                            Pray as if everything depends on God.

So far, this combination has been working well for me. If it is one you haven’t considered, perhaps you’ll give it a try.

Robin Damsky

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