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Your Heart and Your Art

June 13, 2011

Your Heart and Your Art

Life becomes more meaningful and fulfilling when you align what you feel and believe deep inside you . . . your inner magnificence, your heart . . . with your actions and impact, your art.  When you do so, you are truly being true to yourself.   You crystalize your identity in your own mind and in how others see you.  We use the acronym BIBI to represent this concept, which stands for: Beliefs and Intentions (your heart) and Behaviors and Impact (how you express your heart in the world).

Your “art” – the future, legacy, and magnificence you create is formed by BIBI.  By altering any one of the four components purposefully or inadvertently, changes who you are and what you may become.  Hopefully those changes are always for the better, leading to a more fulfilling, enriching, and meaningful life.  Your integrity — both in your mind and in the eyes of others — stems from the degree your beliefs and intentions (your heart) are aligned with your behaviors and impact, which creates your art.

Steve Weitzenkorn 

Copyright © 2011, F3 Forum LLC. All rights reserved.

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  1. June 13, 2011 7:14 am

    Hi Steven, I feel one’s art and imgination is so very important.
    Please read my article at
    Todah rabbah,

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