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Making Magic

June 10, 2011

Making Magic

Remember when you were a kid and you believed in magic? Everything around you was magic. The opening of a flower, fireflies on a hot summer’s night, the strength of your daddy’s arms, the sky filled with stars. The fact that you could run and chase butterflies and pigeons in the park, or visit with a ladybug was part of it too. You believed in mystery and fantasy and things you couldn’t see.

Did you stop believing in faeries? If so, when was that? Did you stop seeing that praying mantis on the fence – you know, the one that you almost missed because it was exactly the same color as the wood – as magical? For many of us, the magic stops at some point. We begin to explain away mysteries of the universe with science. We turn in the tooth faerie for mom or dad, or another beloved guardian. Or we get caught up in responsibilities and forget to take in all that glory.

Some would say this is growing up. Yes, we grow up. But does doing so mean we have to stop believing in magic? Does adulthood mean that we can’t experience wonder, or that we have to stop creating our own magic?

Magic exists within each of us, to recognize and to manifest. Remember how you felt when you saw your daughter’s first smile, or your son took his first step? How you feel in nature atop a mountain watching the majesty of the sun as she sets? A look into your beloved’s eyes. These moments still hold magic for us, even years after they have occurred.

Part of the joy of life is in taking the time to appreciate the magical things in the world around us: the smell of the air after a good rain or the way its drops sit in an opening flower, an unexpected kind gesture from someone. This is paired with bringing magic forth. Plant a garden of flowers, smile into the eyes of a child, offer to ease the burden of an aging woman with a set of packages.

If your days have been lacking luster lately, I invite you to engage in some magic. Find it in the world around you; in God’s creation and in the people you love. Bring it to the world around you through acts of acknowledgment or gifts of kind words or deeds. While you’re at it, ask yourself: “What is my special magic that I can bestow on the world today? Tomorrow? For the next hundred tomorrows?

Your answer will highlight the magic within you and your appreciation of it in everything that surrounds you. Have a magical and blessed day!

Robin Damsky

Copyright © 2011, F3 Forum LLC. All rights reserved.

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