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Personal, Continual Transformation

May 9, 2011

Personal, Continual Transformation

George Will’s column on May 8th, “The Wonders of Being 70,” notes the changes that have occurred in the last seventy years in our society.  These include progress in civil rights, women’s rights, healthcare, and much more.  These transformations happened over time and resulted from the persistence and tenacity of many leaders.  Rights and conditions that we take for granted today, and perhaps can’t imagine how anyone could once be against, reflect how far our society has evolved.

Thinking about this made me realize that in true democratic societies there are gradual, continual transformations always occurring simultaneously.  In a sense, they are slow-motion revolutions in:

  • Culture
  • Education
  • Economics
  • Politics and Government
  • Law
  • Technology

These are not mutually exclusive.  I believe they are synergistic and progress on one area has an impact on most, if not all of the others.  The stability of countries with genuinely representative governments exists because they are constantly transforming themselves as they accommodate the collective will of the people.   This does not happen through sudden revolutions but through political, market-driven, and other societal processes.

I believe that healthy change in people occurs in a similar fashion.   We rarely transform ourselves all at once, the result of a critical incident or insight, but rather through the gradual accumulation of life experiences, behavioral experimentation, knowledge, wisdom, and discovery.   It’s a life-long process and most of our personal transformations may occur without conscious awareness, until we look back and see how far we have evolved from the person we once were.  Some of this growth may be self-directed, some due to serendipity, some stem from trial and error, and some result from the realities we face in life and how we handle them.

At we offer a free LifePath GPS Survey to help people with self-directed change initiatives.  It helps visitors determine how close they are to the person they want to be along eight dimensions.  Other tools on the website help in setting a meaningful personal direction.  And the book, Find Fulfill Flourish, is dedicated to that process. Feel free to explore the website and how you can grow through an ongoing transformational process.

Steve Weitzenkorn

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