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How Close Are You to Who You Want to Be?

April 18, 2011

How Close Are You to Who You Want to Be?

In today’s fast paced world our thoughts and efforts are usually focused on keeping up, getting ahead, taking care of practical items, and achieving goals. It’s easy to lose sight of becoming the person we would like to be. We’ve identified eight core dynamics for making that personal journey and creating a more meaningful and fulfilling life. They are:

  • Living your values
  • Inspired direction: Embracing a personal purpose and vision
  • Personal spirituality
  • Relationships
  • Living possibilities
  • Life leadership
  • Choices
  • Moving from passion to action to fruition

In Find Fulfill Flourish we dedicate a chapter to each one, including compelling examples of how others have applied the concepts, plus exercises for doing so yourself. Our website has additional tools including our:

  • LifePath GPS Survey which you can complete online and receive a report illustrating how close you are to the person you wish to be.
  • Guiding Values Exercise which is a thought-provoking card game for identifying your core values
  • Heartisan Pathfinder Exercise which provides a focused process for selecting a personal purpose and guidance for how to pursue it, based on individual preferences and strengths

The first two exercises are free to anyone visiting the website. They are listed on the dropdown menu under the “Find Your Purpose” tab.  The Heartisan Pathfinder Exercise is free to anyone who has our book and is available for a small fee to others. It can also be bundled with a copy of the book.

Other supplemental and action-oriented exercises are also under the “Book & Tools” tab.

We invite you to explore the website and see what inspires you.

Steve Weitzenkorn

Our book, Find Fulfill Flourish, is now available! Ben Bolch of the Los Angeles Times calls it “an inspirational tour de force” Click here to purchase it. Click here for an overview and here for a free sample chapter. Book readers also receive FREE access to all premium exercises and content on our website.

Visit our website and see the video: Take the FREE Guiding Values Exercise.

Copyright © 2011, F3 Forum LLC. All rights reserved.

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