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Springtime Freshness: A Time for Renewal and Creating New Beauty

April 11, 2011

Springtime Freshness: A Time for Renewal and Creating New Beauty

I love spring. Spring flowers are budding. New leaves are sprouting on trees. There is freshness in the air,  the sun is warmer, the days grow longer, and winter weather recedes. It’s an annual time of renewal.

When I was growing up and living in Pittsburgh as an adult, I loved going to the spring flower show at Phipps Conservatory. It is a kaleidoscope of color. Room after room is filled with the magnificent beauty and the aroma of spring flowers. The experience is rejuvenating. I get a similar feeling when I visit the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, which is near where I currently live. Fresh growth and flowers begin to appear on cacti and other desert plants. Mountains that are mostly brown for much of the year turn green as spring growth emerges. It’s magical and a different kind of beauty.

This is also a great time for us to grow as people. What new flowers are you growing in your life? Are you planting fresh seeds for future growth? Are new leaves and branches sprouting as you pursue ways to refresh relationships and change for the better?  How can you become a better you?  How can you spread the warmth in your heart to others? How can you make the world around you more magnificent?

Steve Weitzenkorn

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