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Charitable Entrepreneurship

March 23, 2011

Charitable Entrepreneurship

Charitable entrepreneurs integrate a process for supporting charities and nonprofit organizations into their business model. It’s more than setting aside a portion of their revenue for donations or making contributions once they see how much they have earned. Charitable entrepreneurship involves structuring the business so a portion of the revenue from the sale of products and services supports worthy causes.

The Find Fulfill Flourish Project is based on such a model. We are a small start-up organization and committed to partnering with charitable organizations that wish to use our platform to generate additional funds. We also design our workshops and speaking engagements so they can double as fundraisers. These are integral to our business model.

Here are some of the ways our charitable entrepreneurial initiatives help organizations flourish:

  • Our Partnership Program: Nonprofits can generate donations from people referred to When these individuals purchase anything on our website we donate a percentage of the amount paid, which increases with the volume of referred business. This is a FREE service. Details are on our Partnership Program page.
  • Offering Find Fulfill Flourish as a fundraising project: Organizations can purchase our books at wholesale and sell them at the retail price. It’s an inspirational item for gift stores and to sell to supporters. It’s a great way for youth groups to raise funds by selling a meaningful and inspirational product. More information is at on the Your Fundraising Partner” page.
  • Sponsoring Find Fulfill Flourish workshops and presentations: We work with organizations in planning and delivering inspirational and thought-provoking programs that can double as a fundraisers. We develop a mutually beneficial revenue sharing arrangement. More information is the Your Fundraising Partner” page. Click here for a list of topics.
  • Our “Organizational Application Guide”: This guide helps organizational leaders and boards bring the Eight Dynamics embedded in the Find Fulfill Flourish process to life in their organizations.

More information on all of these Find Fulfill Flourish Project features can be found on our website. Join our community and take advantage of all we have to offer. If you have additional ideas on how we can extend our model or improve it, we’d love to hear them. We strive to help charitable organizations and nonprofits flourish.

Steve Weitzenkorn

*     *     *

Our book, Find Fulfill Flourish, is now available! Ben Bolch of the Los Angeles Times calls it “an inspirational tour de force” Click here to purchase it. Click here for an overview and here for a free sample chapter. Book readers also receive FREE access to all premium exercises and content on our website.

Visit our new website, see the video: Take the FREE Guiding Values Exercise.

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