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Lessons from Creating Find-Fulfill-Flourish

February 7, 2011

Lessons from Creating Find Fulfill Flourish

Find Fulfill Flourish went to the publisher last week. It should be ready in early March.

People often think of writing a book as a solitary endeavor. I imagine it can be if one chooses, but it need not be. It’s true that a significant part of writing requires time alone. For me, I have chosen to engage others in the process as much as possible. Now that the writing and editing phases for the book are finished, I am reflecting on the process and experience. Many parts went very well. Some were challenging. Others were frustrating. All in all, it was a very satisfying and intellectually fulfilling experience.

I now realize that the Eight Dynamics that form the backbone of the book were also key in making the writing process a fun and fulfilling experience. I address each one below:

Values: Living one’s values is at the forefront of our work and a key component of Find Fulfill Flourish. They are also central to the relationship that Robin and I have. It’s characterized by mutual respect, open and honest communication, trust, and integrity. We do all we can to “walk our talk.”

Purpose, Vision and Action: Our original purpose in writing the book was to offer a process for living a more fulfilling and meaningful life though our Eight Dynamics. A key component is embracing a purpose that transcends one’s self. Our vision sprang from that purpose and became far more encompassing, as reflected in our website: It goes well beyond the book, offering fun and engaging tools for applying the concepts and setting a personal direction. We are activating our own principles by giving back and paying forward, which is a cornerstone of our enterprise. As our small enterprise flourishes, we will be supporting charitable organizations and nonprofits that choose to partner with us.

Spirituality: We decided to approach spirituality in a non-denominational way. Although Robin is a rabbi, we wanted to make our work accessible and relevant to people of all faiths or none. Spirituality is a human quality and is about breathing life into our beings and work. We embraced this concept as we collaborated and infused universal principles into the Find Fulfill Flourish process.

Living Possibilities: Writing a book is a bigger undertaking than we anticipated. As we encountered one challenge after another, we kept believing in the potential of our endeavor and what it could do. The book, our website, workshops, and speaking topics all revolve around the idea that we can do great things and make the seemingly impossible possible.

Relationships and Engaging Others: I chose early on to have a co-author, and to select one who could enrich the project in ways that were beyond my skill and knowledge set. The person had to have very different life experiences than I, a different professional background, knowledge that supplemented mine, and a different perspective. This individual, however, had to share my values and vision. Our strengths complement each other which enriched the work.

We also engaged a wide range of people in the project. These included people with compelling stories and initiatives that illustrate key concepts and the Eight Dynamics, as well as people who advised with their expertise, contributed ideas, offered feedback on drafts, and supported our efforts in other ways — including editing, programming, graphic design, and website development.

Life Leadership: We believe that the first person one needs to lead is one’s self. We believe it’s important for each of us to lead our own lives – not just manage them – and that entails taking initiative and being proactive in propelling one’s life from where it is today to where you want it to be. We developed the Find Fulfill Flourish project from scratch, risking our time and resources because we believe in it. Now something exists that we feel will make a positive difference for many.

Choices: Like any significant endeavor, there are hundreds of choices you make along the way. One of our first choices was to collaborate with one another. We made innumerable choices about content, structure, stories, exercises, and the website. Other choices focused on who to select as our editor, graphic designer, software developers, webmaster, and other partners. Some proved to be wise and others we had to re-visit. We made a few false starts, learned along the way, and went back to the drawing board occasionally. All were choices that contributed to the outcome.

Passion to Action to Fruition: Robin and I have a passion for this endeavor that grew and became more exciting as we progressed. It also requires continual action and work. Our commitment to propel our purpose and realize our vision was essential for bringing it to fruition. It will continue to be a work in progress. The publishing of the book is an important milestone, as is the completion of the website and the electronic exercises on it. These will evolve and our aim is to improve them as we learn and grow with this fulfilling and charitable enterprise.

Writing Find Fulfill Flourish was a great learning experience and one that helped me crystallize my own philosophy and identity. We hope is helps you and thousands of others in similar ways.

Steve Weitzenkorn

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