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Where Is Your “There”?

January 26, 2011

Where Is Your “There”?

In Find Fulfill Flourish, we discuss life as a journey. Many other writers and speakers do as well. Some say that since life is a journey you never actually “arrive.” It’s true that throughout our lives we continue to learn and hopefully grow as people; developing greater wisdom and achieving a greater sense of fulfillment. Our lives and circumstances are constantly changing. Even as we move forward on our personal journey, our “there” may seem as elusive as ever. So is there a “there”?

Numerous books have been written about personal journeys. Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert is a recent example. In her story, and so many others, what people seem to be looking for is illusory. It never seems to be within reach. It might be nebulous and hard to articulate. And so the search goes on. It may feel fruitless or futile. If we cannot describe well what we are looking for, how will we know which direction to go or whether we have found it? It’s a conundrum.

So if we are on a personal journey, how do we define our “there” (if there is one) and how do we find it? Where is our “there”? When we ask the questions in this way, our “there” is always in the distance, in the future – always somewhere else. And interestingly, as we mature, grow, and accumulate life experiences, our “there” may evolve and change. Is what we are striving for a continually moving target?

I suggest that our “there” is now. It’s our present. Now is the only thing that is real. Today, what can we do to make our present as fulfilling and meaningful as possible? How can we make our day and this moment more inspirational and gratifying, and a point of departure for making tomorrow even more so? I believe that challenge and all we bring to it should be our “there.” Your journey has led you to today and your life as it stands at this moment, so this day is your “there” for now. How do you make the most of it?

Each day we must reacquire our sense of fulfillment and move ahead on our journey. All of our choices, actions, setbacks, achievements, experiences, and yesterdays have brought us to this point in our lives, and have shaped who we are. This is our now and we can begin anew to find fulfillment and gratification in our purpose, activities, and progress. Flourish today. Make today your “there” and tomorrow a more enriching one.

Steve Weitzenkorn

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  1. January 27, 2011 10:37 am

    Finding your ‘there’ is what people have been working towards for what seems like forever. I think this post contains an important message. I love the idea of living in gratitude and I think this goes along well with your thoughts Steve. Being grateful and aware of where you are today, all that has brought you here and all that you have.

    I appreciate you sharing this message, it is so important in bringing peace and happiness to people.

    Keep well,

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