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Flourishing in 2011

January 3, 2011

Flourishing in 2011

We hope 2010 was a year of personal growth for you and that you flourish even more in 2011.

The Find Fulfill Flourish (FFF) Project was conceived in 2009, further developed in 2010 and will be more formally launched in 2011. It started as an idea, grew into a book and blog, and has now evolved into a full social entrepreneurial initiative. We are committed to giving back and, as such, our enterprise is devoted to helping people achieve greater fulfillment in their lives as well as to supporting organizations working to help make the world a better place.

Our new website,, offers a free LifePath GPS Survey, free electronic Guiding Values Exercise, and written content to help people find a meaningful and fulfilling path that leads them and others to flourish.

Other “giving back” features are designed to help charitable organizations. If you are associated with a nonprofit or charitable organization, we can help you raise additional funds and rise to new levels of success through our Partnership Program, Fundraising Book Sales Program, Reward a Nonprofit Feature, Workshop and Presentation Sponsorship Program, and Organizational Application Guide. Here’s how these features work:

  • FFF Partnership Program: When an organization signs up to be an FFF Partner, they refer people to our website who use the organization’s Partner ID, and those purchases will earn the organization 10% of the first 50 purchases made and 15% after that for the remainder of the year. All that the buyers need to do is access our site though a special link we provide, or enter your organization’s Partner ID Code when prompted. For details, visit the Partnership Program page at Becoming a Partner is FREE, EASY, and HELPS YOU RAISE FUNDS. You can sign up now and enjoy all the benefits when the book and the full-featured website are ready in mid-February.
  • Fundraising Book Sales Program: Find Fulfill Flourish: Discover Your Purpose With LifePath GPS can be purchased in bulk quantities (minimum 50 copies) at the wholesale price of $8.50 and sold at the retail price of $16.95. The organization earns $8.45 for each book sold. With its inspiring message and enriching content, this is a great item for gift stores, group fundraising projects and book discussion programs. For greater ease, an e-book is available on our website now. Call us for a code to download it for free. A sample chapter is also available for free on the website without a code. (The published book will be available for bulk orders by March 1, 2011. We are accepting advance orders now.) Email us at or call Steve at 480-567-5552 for more information and an estimate of bulk shipping costs.
  • Reward A Nonprofit Feature: On the FFF website we have a page for recognizing nonprofits. We feature three different organizations each month. If you would like to nominate your favorite nonprofit, please complete and submit the form. If your organization is selected, visitors who do not otherwise have a Partner ID will be able to select one of the three featured nonprofits to receive a percentage of their purchases.
  • Workshop and Presentation Sponsorship Program: We conduct workshops and make presentations under an organization’s sponsorship. Check the “Workshops” page on our website for a list of topics. We offer these programs to your organization at a discounted fee and you can charge participants the retail price. Workshops and presentations can also be tailored for your organization and the demographics of the audience. If you are interested, please ask us for details.
  • Organizational Application Guide: We have created a guide to help organizations apply the Eight Dynamics embedded in the FFF process. They can serve as a guide in the strategy formation process and in enhancing the organizational culture. The guide is free for Members and Partners.

It is our goal to guide individuals and organizations in living lives and performing deeds that are fulfilling, meaningful, and contribute to the greater good. We look forward to partnering with you and your organization to help our world to flourish ever more fully.

Steve Weitzenkorn and Robin Damsky

We post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Wednesday’s post focuses on the lessons learned in the movie “The Fighter,” that we can apply to our own lives.

Copyright © 2011 F3 Forum, LLC. All rights reserved.

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