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From Volunteer to “Heartisan”

December 10, 2010

From Volunteer to “Heartisan”

In our book we coin the word “heartisan.” It came after a long search to find a word to describe those with a true devotion to giving back to the community, who are moved to do so by their very core – their heart.

The word “artisan” calls to mind a person who works in the arts, a trade, or a craft. An artisan usually has a commitment to his or her work and a true love for it. Artisans create. They create new aesthetic works out of raw materials. They often take ordinary objects and raise them to a greater level of beauty or give them a new meaning or purpose. Artisans express themselves through their creative energy and devotion.

A “heartisan” has very similar characteristics, but in the realm of giving their time, energy and resources. Heartisans have a sincere commitment to a worthy cause, which may involve improving the lives of others, community, or of general well-being. They have a heartfelt devotion to a purpose greater than themselves and the courage, energy, and spirit to pursue it. Being a heartisan means that you work for the betterment of others and the world as an expression of your heart. This devotion and work become intricately woven into what we call your “LifePath.”

If you are a heartisan, you will find that your heart guides you to make meaningful contributions. You might be thinking, “How do I become one?”

Listen to your heart’s desire. Explore the ways you touch or help others that is unique to you. You may be drawn to the world of sports, the arts, philanthropy, working for a cure for disease, helping to fight poverty, taking political stands, in your job, or somewhere else. You may choose any arena in which you come alive. Finding your path and making your personal contribution will bring forth the heartisan within you, while simultaneously filling your life with extraordinary meaning.

How can you follow your heart to become a heartisan?

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Robin Damsky

Robin Damsky is the rabbi of West Suburban Temple Har Zion in River Forest, Illinois, and co-author of Find-Fulfill-Flourish: Discover Your Purpose with LifePath GPS – a book, website, tools, and workshop series focused on guiding people toward more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

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