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Future Tripping

September 28, 2010

Future Tripping:

A few years ago I was introduced the term “future tripping.” It means to be focused or preoccupied about the future, and your life in it, at the expense of dealing with the present. Of course if, in the present, key accomplishments are not attained or if matters fall apart, the desired future becomes less likely. Dreams, hopes, and projections about the future do not bring them about.

The only thing that is real is now. We cannot see and touch the past except in records or remains of it, such as photos, films, archeological sites, museums, exhibits, and documentation of one sort or another. Even when we do, we are witnessing them in the present. We cannot change the past. It has come and gone. It’s the “now” that matters and what is done in the now shapes the future, usually in steps and through individual and collective actions and achievements.

In Find-Fulfill-Flourish, our forthcoming book, we talk about a journey, setting direction, and creating a better future. All of these are important, however it’s also essential to focus on the present — where you are now on your journey and how you are progressing along your path. I believe in having a vision of the future and a plan for bringing it about. They provide direction and purpose. Progress, however, must be made in the now.

Once “now” is gone, it’s gone forever. A former colleague of mine used to say, “The truth is changing around us.” The point she was making was that every day, in fact every moment, many things are changing, and what may have been the situation just minutes or days ago may not be the case at this moment. The “truth” changes. When it does, we need to adjust and adapt. We can’t always count on prior practices working as they once did.

Which brings me back to future tripping. We can only create a better future by building on what exists today or adding to it.

It’s great to plan for the future and to dream about it. Just keep in mind that the future and the dream are realized by work performed in the present. That’s what is real.

Dream big and devote most of your energy to living and achieving in the now. And you will be influencing how the truth changes around you rather than the other way around.

Steve Weitzenkorn

Steve Weitzenkorn, Ph.D., is a learning innovator, organizational advisor, experienced facilitator, and lead author of Find-Fulfill-Flourish: Discover Your Purpose with LifePath GPS – a book, tool kit, and workshop series focused on guiding people toward more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

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